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Water Damage Restoration - Brooklyn

Water Damage Restoration

Restore quality of your possessions after water damage with Broadway Carpet Brooklyn

Water damage? So, it finally happened to you. If you have carpets and area rugs that have been damaged by water, that’s a matter of worry, indeed. Sometimes, different upholstery also suffers water damage, and you think, you have to make a new investment in replacing them, right? No! You don’t have to buy any new furniture; rather with our service, you can restore the damaged stuff and get their same values back.

At Broadway Carpet Brooklyn, we restore everything from area rugs and carpets to curtains, drapes, and upholstery with safe cleaning procedures. You just need to give us a call or drop us your email; we would offer you the best service.

Some scenarios of water damage can be –

  • Water pipe leakage
  • Storm and flood
  • Leakage of bathtubs, toilets or sinks
  • Overflow of washing machine
  • Basement flooding
  • Heavy shower, etc.   

What to do immediately after water damage?                      

Certain tips should be followed immediately after such a disaster.

  1. You should track the source of water flow and take measures to stop it.
  2. Remove all the valuable possessions like carpets, curtains, rugs, beddings, etc. from that area.
  3. Initially, dry the area and remove all existing debris left by the flooding.

Once done, next is to take actions for preventing further damage and mold growth. That’s when we can come to your help. Our team at Broadway Carpet Brooklyn would work at the earliest to preserve the value of your possessions at a much-reduced cost.   

Our services in this context:

Cleaning the curtains and drapes –

Broadway Carpet Brooklyn promises to provide complete restoration and cleaning service. We will clean your curtains and other window coverings. Our team will also inspect for insects in the creases. 

Damage to area rugs and carpets –

If you think your carpet can’t be restored, you have a misconception! We can restore even if it’s a fire damage. After inspection, we deep vacuum to suck out all the water, dry, sanitize and deodorize before delivering it back to you. Be assured: there won’t be any trace of soot as well.

Note: If it’s carpet, we work at your home. If it’s area rug, we bring it to our facility.      

Prevent mildew/mold growth and damage –

The next thing after water or fire damage can be molds. You will get a foul smell at times. If you don’t stop these mildew and mold growth, this will not only damage the carpet and wall as a whole but also will spread diseases in the living space.        

How can you avoid water damage at home?

Here are some tips to avoid further damage:

  1. Keep the gutters clean to avoid chances of water clogging.
  2. The landscaping should flow water away from the house; check the slopes.
  3. In the case of a small leak, repair it at the earliest.
  4. Monitor the sinks and bathtubs periodically.    
  5. Take preventive measures during heavy showers.   

We, being professionals in this industry for a long time now, have the appropriate equipment and know the right procedures to not only suck up the water but also to restore the fabric and quality.

Hence, contact our representatives at Broadway Carpet Brooklyn today! Let’s discuss!