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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Removal of hard-to-get out pet stains and the odors is now possible with Broadway Carpet Brooklyn. Pets are bundles of love and joy, wrapped in fur. We know your pets are members in the family, but then they have accidents at times. Especially, when you find stains and odor on your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, etc. Cleaning pet urine and the discomforting smell around is a challenging job. Why not let us clean it for you? At Broadway Carpet Brooklyn, we are professionals, experienced in removing pet stain and odor with highly effective cleaning procedures. As most people do, if you ignore these stains of pet urine, they will not only damage your favorite carpets, rugs and furniture but also spread harmful microbes in the atmosphere indoors. Also, the longer you wait to remedy the problem the harder it will be to remove completely.

Health Risks Associated With Pet Odors

The sharp smell of pet urine is extremely harmful to human lungs Gradually, problems like throat burning etc. will occur Skin irritations and eye problems are also common Allergies

Challenges Of Self Cleaning

Identifying exact spot of the stain and odor is tough.
Pet odor is too strong to remove using standard chemical products.
Air fresheners won’t help.
The stain marks are too stubborn to be removed without a commercial cleaning machine.
The eventual damage to fibers will not be able to be repaired if you do the “do it yourself” cleaning method.

Our Cleaning Procedure

To remove stains: While spot cleaning is an established method for pet stain removal, yet we believe, it’s not an effective technique. With spot cleaning, you can only treat a specific mark while the other non-recognizable ones are left unnoticed. Rather, for an effective cleaning, we prefer to clean your entire piece or area. We offer our customers highly satisfactory results. We have cutting-edge machinery and tools to perform the cleaning procedure effectively to remove stains and odors. We have specialized in performing the best, safe, chemical free and odor free cleaning. With our service, our team can immediately find out the exact stain spot and from where the odor is coming. You can be rest assured to have a clean, healthy and safe environment. We soak, re-soak, shampoo clean, steam clean then dry your rug.

What We Clean

Area Rugs
Dog Bed
Cat Beds
Window Treatments

Benefits Of Hiring Broadway Carpet Brooklyn

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