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Carpet Cleaning

Broadway Carpet Brooklyn brings a wide range of carpet cleaning procedure for you!

Let us ask you: Are you sure you are maintaining complete health hygiene? Apart from your clean clothes, are rest of the stuff at your home or commercial space clean? We are mainly talking about the carpets. Yes! Carpets are most neglected when it comes to cleaning and dusting. But do you know, these are the best breeding grounds for allergens, molds, mildew, dander, dust mites, etc.? And they are directly responsible for serious health issues.

At Broadway Carpet Brooklyn, we are committed to offering you a healthy environment with extensive carpet cleaning service.

“Clean carpet promotes healthy living.”

There is a conception among people that carpets ‘cannot be kept cleaned’ because they ‘cannot be cleaned.' Of course not! We make it possible to free your carpet from allergens and dirt, offering you a fresh and ‘new-looking’ carpet.

  • Carpets work as filters of unhealthy particles and microbes. If not cleaned, these can pollute the entire atmosphere of the space.
  • Unclean carpet spreads diseases like allergies, skin problems, respiratory problems, weak immune system and other hazardous health issues.
  • Children would be most affected as they have sensitive skin.
  • Carpet cleaning will also keep up its value and form, making its fibers durable.
  • We can remove the hardest stains of coffee, tea, wine, blood, etc.
  • Our team also ensures the clean carpets increase the aesthetics of your room.

We are an experienced team, working in this industry for the last 30 years and more. Over the years, we have cleaned more than 50,000 carpets and area rugs in both offices and houses. Hence, you can expect from us, an extensive know-how of carpet cleaning.

Why should you hire Broadway Carpet Brooklyn?

We are widely known across New York for our reliable and highly efficient service.

  1. Our initial inspection:
    • Broadway Carpet Brooklyn team never jumps onto carpet cleaning before performing an initial inspection. We evaluate the condition of your carpet along with other features so that we can effectively clean it. 
  2. Our cleaning procedures:
    • Carpet cleaning is not just using the standard vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the top layer. We apply deep cleaning method to remove bacteria and other microbes from the deepest layers of the fibers to offer you complete cleaning as well as better prevention from molds.
    • According to the requirement, our expert team might also apply Hot Water Extraction and shampoo cleaning techniques, with your concern. 
  3. Safe cleaning products
    • At Broadway Carpet Brooklyn, we use safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are 100% eco-friendly and green certified. In fact, we are the biggest suppliers of these products for past 20 years in NY. Our products are citrus and aloe based.     
  4. Offer you ‘fresh’ carpets

Smell! Yes, we also ensure you can breathe fresh by making use of sanitizer and deodorizer after cleaning the carpets. Especially, for pet urine and odor, it’s our assurance that you won’t get a trace of any discomforting smell.

Interested to contact us?

If you think your carpet needs an immediate wash before the guests arrive next weekend, give us a call today. In case you want, you can also chat with our customer care service directly.

With a clean carpet, let good health and positive environment prevail!