Rug Repair - Brooklyn

Rug Repair

Broadway Carpet Brooklyn has all the treatments for your rug restoring!   

Need to repair your area rug? Not a problem for all of us! Broadway Carpet Brooklyn has been offering rug restoring service to various home as well as business sectors across New York since decades now. We are efficient and also patient in understanding your requirements and supplying you with high-quality repairing method.

Early restoring of the rugs is crucial to prevent it from additional damage. Our proficient and knowledgeable professionals could perfectly return with the price of your preferred rug as well as add a new touch of sophistication to it.

Before explaining what we do and also exactly how we do, listed below are 3 things concerning how to maintain your rug.

three things to look after your rug:

For spills, make use of cotton towels to soak the fluid delicately
Vacuum the area rugs frequently making use of your standard vacuum cleaner
Get qualified service every six months or at best, annually.  
Right now, coming to our service.

Exactly what do we fix?

We fix just about all kinds of damages including holes, pockets, tear, pest infestation, moth deterioration, wearing fringes, and so on. The earlier you repair, more efficient will be your own restore.     

Various types of rugs we repair:

From hand-made rugs to machine-made ones, we are able to repair every thing to suit your needs.

Dhurrie, and more
Our repairing solutions include:

Once you take advantage of our service, Broadway Carpet Brooklyn will provide you with a variety of area rug repairing methods – be it for your household or commercial institution.

1. Repairing of fringes and binds

Fringes are the spots that get maximum wear and tear. Nonetheless rest assured, our skilled hands will bring back those fringes to suit your needs.   

2. Dyeing – restoring the authentic shade

We merely not dye your own rug to bring back its authentic color. Nevertheless we moreover dye to take away various unsightly stains (dark spots, rust, bleach, and so on.) as well as give you back an ‘all-new’ area rug.

3. Cutting for restoring; latex for durability

According to your own area rug condition, we cut those with highest exactness for matching the form of the area (steps, room, lobby, hallway, etc.) and also enhance total appearance. Nonetheless, before repairing the fringes, we latex your rug to ensure the toughness of the fibers and also edges.    

*Note: Our items for dyeing are all non-toxic and also environment friendly.

Exactly what more will you acquire with us?

At Broadway Carpet Brooklyn, we permit you to choose your chosen shade and material kind from our list to restore your rugs.

We also have skillful eyes to select the precise hue and fiber; reweave with the same pattern of knots for preserving total value of your rug. Each and every approach, our staff guarantees a top quality area rug repairing service, enhancing its presence just like the original.

What exactly is the wait for? Call us now to get more information and get the best service in New York from Broadway Carpet Brooklyn.